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2023 Newsletter

State Tournament Gameplay

AAA and AA tourneys will be in the same location with 2 different divisions for ages 11 & 12. Deadline to sign up for the AA state team is July 1st. 

We are encouraging clubs to promote a AA division if you do not already have one in place. AA does not compete in weekend tourneys but may, and is not required to meet a required threshold of conference games. 

We want your clubs to promote more kids to play and families to be a part of the State tournament atmosphere. As Club leaders your goal should be to promote more baseball and provide more opportunities to play for all skill levels. 


Regional Gameplay 

The Regional 12YO is July 18th-22nd. in Grand Forks, ND

- All teams selected to play in the regional tournament are REQUIRED to play in the 12YO State Tournament.

-1 East & 1 West team, along with host, for a total of 3 teams to represent ND in the 2023 Regional Tournament ( More teams may be added and is dependent upon other States Participation).  

- The Regional Qualifier selection will be based on conference scoring in the AAA for the 12YO age group only.

~ We will use the win-loss record calculated from total games that are required to be played in your conference. If teams do not play each other, both teams will take a loss. IF a team is willing to declare a forfeit, then it must be done in writing(via email) to the State or District Commissioners. 

 ~If there is a tie(between #1 and #2, in any conference, those teams must play each other in a play off to find a winner, before the Regional Tournament to acquire the #1 seed.

**Regional Tournaments are now the weekend before the state tournament. Teams interested in Regional Tournament gameplay must reach out to your District Commissioner or State Commissioner. All teams that play in Regional tournaments are REQUIRED to play in the State Tournament and MUST be chartered through BRL ~ND Baseball. 


ND Iron Man Award

An award for a High Valued Community Baseball Leader in ND. 

Someone who is committed to excellence in his/her program and/or ND Babe Ruth / Cal Ripken. 

The First Annual 2022 Spring Iron Man award was awarded to Wayne Beyer {Wahepton}. 

His volunteer work to ND Babe Ruth has created this much needed award to represent his Commitment, Integrity, and Longevity to the program. 

Thank you Wayne, we appreciate all you have done for ND Baseball!


2022  Fall Iron Man Award was awarded to Larry Grondahl {Williston}, 

For many years as District 1 Commissioner and Assistant State Commissioner, Larry’s persistence and dedicated volunteerism has not gone unnoticed, we appreciate all you have done for this program Larry.

2023 Spring Iron Man Award  was awarded to Pete Dobitz {Dickinson}

Over 20 years of coaching, Pete's tireless efforts and persistence, on and off the field have earned him this honor. Longevity, Character and passion to our great sport. 

Thanks Pete, we appreciate you very much! 


Thank you all and  keep up the good work!

ND Regional Tournament Winners

Congrats to these North Dakota teams and athletes representing  our fine State in Regional gameplay. These teams will be moving onto their respective age group  "World Series".

 14U ~(Host Williston, ND)
State Champion Winner~ West Fargo Rattlers
MidWest Plains Winner ~ Fargo 61's Blues

MidWest Plains Winner ~ Fargo 61's Blues

MidWest Plains Winner ~West Fargo Rattlers

MidWest Plains Winner ~West Fargo Rattlers

MidWest Plains Winner ~ Fargo 61's Blues

State Tournament Brackets Completed

Congratulations to the Finalists and Champions for ND State


Champions ~Devils Lake Firebirds*

Runner Up ~Fargo 61s Blue*


Champions ~West Fargo Rattlers**

Runner Up ~Fargo 61s Blue**


Champions ~Fargo 61s Blue**

Runner Up ~ Dickinson Calvary*

Regional Qualifier~ Bismarck Capitals*

13-15 BabeRuth "B"

Champions ~ Thompson

Runner up ~ Lisbon


Champions ~ West Fargo Rattlers**

Runner up ~ Bismarck Americans*


Champions ~ Wahpeton

Runner up ~ Jamestown

12 YO "B"

Champions ~ Park River Pirates

Runner Up ~ Casselton 28ers'


Champions ~West Fargo Rattlers**

Runner Up ~Fargo 61s Blue*


Champions ~ Fargo 61s Reds

Runner Up ~ Hazen/Beulah


Champions ~ Fargo 61s Blues**

Runner up ~ Minot Aces*

10 YO "B"

Champions ~ Wahpeton

Runner Up ~ Carrington 

9 YO 

Champions ~ Minot Aces *

Runner up ~ West Fargo Rattlers*


*Teams will Represent ND in the Midwest Plains Regional Tournament. 

** Teams will Represent ND in a World Series Tournament. 

2022 State Tournament Brackets

Thank you to all the Tournament Hosts for their Hard Work and Persistence!!


State Tournament Awards


A Proud Partner of North Dakota Baseball.

They have graciously donated all the awards for all of our State Tournaments for the 2022 season. 

Athletes: while visiting any of  their stores in North Dakota. Please give a high-five or a simple "Thank You" to show our appreciation of what they do for the baseball community! 


Good luck to all on your season! 

State Tournament

2022 State Tournament Updates

12s will be 8-AAA teams, 6-AA Teams

11s will be 10-AAA teams, 4-AA Teams


2022 Newsletter

Exciting news for the upcoming 2022 season! 

This year we will be implementing AAA, and AA leagues for Cal Ripken 11/12U. 

All teams will have until April 15th, 2022 to declare league status to enter for the upcoming 2022 season.

State Fees

State Tournament fees will increase this season from $150/per team to $300/per Team due to the rising costs of hosting tournaments. Below is the breakdown of State Tournament Fees

Class A, AA ,AAA

Host = $150/team 

State = $150

Class B

Host = $200/team

State = $100

With the increase the host has the ability to help offset expenses which otherwise may be a burden. 

The State increase of monies will go into our new World Series Fund.

This fund will start with $1,000 as a minimum balance. All extra monies above the minimum will be given to any ND team that wins a Regional tournament and moves on to the World Series. Teams to receive additional funding will be allocated based on criteria set forth by the (7) District Commissioners at the Fall Meeting. 

ND Babe Ruth wants to help organizations with travel expenses for teams who qualify for World Series.



Cal Ripken

ND has declared to send the top 2 teams to regionals for ages 9-12U. 

Babe Ruth

We will send the winning team to the regional tournament. IF necessary as requested by MWP, possibly top 2 or 3 to fill vacant spots at the regional tournament. For instance 13U, 2 ND teams (State winner and Dickinson as the host) are invited, to fill a vacant spot, 3rd place team , may be invited because the tournament is held within our own State.


Information Reach Out

Please email me any changes of leadership with the league primary contact(email) info. We will post that information on our website so folks can reach out to other communities for season league planning. 

Please visit our website: to view all State Hosted Tournaments and regional locations.


Rule Changes

~A player MAY pitch 3 or more days in a row, as long as they do NOT exceed their maximum daily pitch count. 

~A player may REPLACE another rostered player if their season has ended, and if a team from another age group would need a player to fill a roster spot.  (Example: 14u team season has ended, 15U team has a player, who is injured or sick, 14U player can fill that roster spot).


New to the Crew

~Scott Fritz

Has been elected as our new treasurer of finance. Scott is highly recommended and has aided in the Lamoure area baseball program for over 20 years.

~Kerry Andre

She has agreed to volunteer her time to help with the social media aspects, Instagram, Facebook and our website.  

Welcome aboard and we really appreciate your commitment of time and volunteering to help.


Hall of Fame Inductees:

We have inducted 2 of the nominations to the 2022 Babe Ruth Hall Of Fame.(HOF)

Ryan Nelson ~ Dickinson, ND

Chad Omdahl ~ Hatton, ND

This is an honor to all nominations to be selected amongst all of the individuals who apply. If you know of these gentlemen, please give them a well deserved hand shake, high-five, and/or just a Thank you for all the work they have done to keep the vision of ND baseball possible. 

Thank you Gentlemen!


~Also please email any nominations to


ND Iron Man Award

An award for a High Valued Community Baseball Leader in ND. 

Someone who is committed to excellence in his/her program and/or ND Babe Ruth / Cal Ripken. 

The First Annual 2022 Iron Man award was awarded to Wayne Beyer from Wahpeton. 

His volunteer work to ND Babe Ruth has created this much needed award to represent his Commitment, Integrity, and Longevity to the program. 

Thank you Wayne, we appreciate all you have done for ND BabeRuth and CalRipken. 


Sign Off

All of the ND Commissioners would like to extend our best wishes upon all North Dakota Baseball Athletes. Best of luck to all teams participating in ND baseball. 

So Good Luck and we will see you at the park! 


Jerod Seaver and TJ Stewart 

~[ND State Commissioners]~

Spring Meeting

Spring Meeting for ND Baseball 

The ND State Baberuth Commissioners would like to invite all community leaders, club administrators, HECK! anyone who loves baseball to come to our annual ND BabeRuth/CalRipken Spring Meeting. 

Sooo We Want you!

When: Friday April 8th

Where: Ramkota Hotel (Bismarck)

Time: 6-9pm~ 2022 ND BabeRuth/Cal Ripken Spring Meeting

Social to follow

We Commissioners would like to meet and get to know the hard working, passionate community leaders in ND. Everyone is welcome to attend. 

We look forward to seeing you there!

Any questions please reach out to Jerod or I.


P.S. Bring your favorite new club LID to the social. 

Also ALL in attendance will receive a FREE high-five, knucks, or handshake, from a Commish of your choice ; >). 


Thank You! ~ We look forward to meeting you!


State Commissioner

State Commissioner

North Dakota Babe Ruth & Cal Ripken

Phone: 701-720-5730

State Tournament Meeting

We will have our  State Tourney Meeting on TBD in TBD.  This meeting will be in conjunction with the Midwest Plains Regional meeting.  More information to come.



Instagram Managers

Williston North Dakota Babe Ruth and Cal Ripken are looking for Volunteers to manage an Instagram Account.  If you are interested, contact

North Dakota Babe Ruth & Cal Ripken

Supports the Mission of Babe Ruth League, Inc:

The Babe Ruth Baseball/Softball program, using regulation competitive baseball and softball rules, teaches skills, mental and physical development, a respect for the rules of the game, and basic ideals of sportsmanship and fair play. In all aspects, Babe Ruth League, Inc. is committed to providing our participants the very best educational, sports experience possible. It is our fundamental belief that every child with a desire to play baseball or softball be afforded that opportunity.

North Dakota is Babe Ruth & Cal Ripken Baseball Country!

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