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ND HardBall Newsletter

May 01, 2021

2020 Recap

Despite the Pandemic, ND Baseball of 2020 was an overall success. All State Tournaments were held without a hitch and congratulations to all the winners in 2020!

Positive side of the pandemic, state tournaments dates were pushed back into late July giving athletes, an opportunity to play MORE Baseball! 

Please take time to Thank your community baseball leaders for pushing forward and making baseball a priority. 

Thank You to all teams, athletes, coaches, and volunteers for your  support and we look forward to another great season. 

New for 2021

2021 marks the 70th Anniversary of Babe Ruth Inc.

Chartering for 2021 is NOW open and new teams may register.

Babe Ruth National has also created a Designated Helper (DH) program, to help league presidents charter their teams  and with many administrative duties, regarding Chartering and Insurance in ND. 

Our DH manager for ND is Marg Caprio, she is fantastic to work with! See below for contact link. 

Please View the webpage tabs for State Tourney Dates Hosts and contact information. 

ND Regional Host and Qualifier Info

~Minot 10U (July 22nd - 26th)

~Bismarck 15U (July 28th - Aug 1)  

Regional Qualifier Tournaments: (For Age Groups 9U & 11U)
To extend the baseball Season, it has been decided to host East and West Qualifying Tournaments for regional berths. The Regional Qualifier(s), is NOT required to participate in the  ND State Tournament.

We feel it’s very important to support the advancing tournament trail and to extend the season for all Official State tournaments to be played near the end of July.(Typically the best ND weather days of the summer). 

~Regional Qualifier Dates(July 10-11th):
9U West Qualifier - Williston
9U East Qualifier -  Jamestown

11U West Qualifier - Bismarck
11U East Qualifier -  Grand Forks

~12U B Division, will charter as Majors 60, compete in a State Tournament Winner goes directly to the World Series.

State Tourney Seeding
~Cal Ripken
9U - Draw from a Hat
10U - Coaches Poll
11U - Coaches Poll
12U - Coaches Poll 

~Babe Ruth
Conference Standings East1, West1, Double Elimination

Winner of last years State Tournament will decide Overall #1 Seed for the post year seeding tournament. {Ex: Winner of 12U State tourney is a team from the east. The 13U overall #1 seed will be the East1 conference winner}

GamePlay (Suggestions)

~CalRipken Gamplay (9-12U)

  1. East and West Qualifier for ages 9&11 Only

  2. Teams are to declare Regional Trail Intentions by June 15th, 2021

  3. State Tournament will be Pool Play, if over 11 teams

  4. Double elimination if under 10 teams participating. 

~BabeRuth Gameplay(13-18U)

  1. Teams are encouraged to schedule 2- 7 inning doubleheaders. Only the first 7 inning game will “Count” for conference standings and seeding for the state tournament. Unless Coaches decide to play 2 counters to save on travel.

  2. Teams are encouraged to play 14 innings per night, provide and to promote depth for all Clubs. 

  3. Teams competing for advancing trail must declare by June 15th, 2021.

  4. Teams must play a minimum of 2 “Counter” Conference games with each team in conference. 

  5. Schedule Home and Home if travel is feasible, rotate every year. 


Background checks are required for 2021 (Nationally Verified and Abuse Prevention Training) ~ All:
- League managers
- League & Travel Coaches
- League Board Members
*- Any person who has consistent and direct contact with players through league activities*


Information and Chartering

To register and charter your local league club, click here.

~Local Charter League:
{Big RED Rectangle "2021 Chartering" }

~DH Helper Program (Marg Caprio):

~Please contact for updated information. 

State Tournament Meeting

We will have our  State Tourney Meeting on TBD in TBD.  This meeting will be in conjunction with the Midwest Plains Regional meeting.  More information to come.



Instagram Managers

Williston North Dakota Babe Ruth and Cal Ripken are looking for Volunteers to manage an Instagram Account.  If you are interested, contact

ND BR Spring Meeting Minutes

Please follow this link to view the spring BabeRuth Meeting. 


Topic: ND State BR Meeting
Start Time : Apr 24, 2020 05:30 PM

Meeting Recording:

Spring Meeting Agenda


Here is the Agenda

PLEASE NOTE: North Dakota American Legion Baseball Teams will be the 1st thing on the agenda

North Dakota Babe Ruth and Cal Ripken
Conference Call Meeting
Aril 24, 2020
6:00 PM

I. Call the meeting to order
II. Approval of Minutes
a. Approval of Minutes from March 4, 2020
III. North Dakota American Legion Teams
IV. Reports from Commissioners and Officers
a. Regional Commissioner
b. State Commissioner
c. Assistant State Commissioners
i. Website
ii. Facebook
d. District Commissioners
i. District Tournament Locations
e. Secretary/Treasurer
i. Checking Account Balance
ii. State Championship Awards Sponsor
V. State Tournaments
a. Class B Cal Ripken
b. Class B Babe Ruth
c. Class A Cal Ripken
d. Class A Babe Ruth
VI. Unfinished/New Business
VII. Next Meeting?
VIII. Adjourn

State Commissioner

State Commissioner

North Dakota Babe Ruth & Cal Ripken

Phone: 701-770-4001

North Dakota Babe Ruth & Cal Ripken

Supports the Mission of Babe Ruth League, Inc:

The Babe Ruth Baseball/Softball program, using regulation competitive baseball and softball rules, teaches skills, mental and physical development, a respect for the rules of the game, and basic ideals of sportsmanship and fair play. In all aspects, Babe Ruth League, Inc. is committed to providing our participants the very best educational, sports experience possible. It is our fundamental belief that every child with a desire to play baseball or softball be afforded that opportunity.

North Dakota is Babe Ruth & Cal Ripken Baseball Country!

Babe Ruth Code of Sportsmanship
Nd 1